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The Oakdale Arms, Harringay

This is the end
Beautiful friend
This is the end
My only friend, the end
Of our elaborate plans, the end
Of everything that stands, the end

19 Mar 2011 22:55

The Nelson, Wood Green

I have been using this place as my local for well over twenty years now, and every landlord has had their good and bad points, as does this one. Usually they start off being keen on the job and willing to serve, but after a while they become slipshod and leave the running up to the bar-staff. For want of a better name call it 'The Nelson Syndrome' and it gets to everyone in the end. Some sooner than later. Billy has been here longer than most and it now shows in attitude and service, both of which have declined from very good beginnings. At one point this pub had three regular real ales on sale, including a mild, with an occasional guest ale. Mind you this was a few years back when real ale was becoming popular once again. Again last night (a Monday) there was none with scant chance of having any before the weekend! This place still has a lot of potential which has still yet to be recognized and released, and in my opinion will not do so if it continues to focuses so much on football and fizz to the exclusion of other interests. I am told that there is no demand for real ale in this place. Well if it is not on offer there will be no demand as people will have gone elsewhere. A self fulfilling prophecy that much confused thinking is based upon. The other pubs in the area that still continue to sell real ale have bums on seats and are earning money. The other pubs also sell food.
I could continue but looking at some of the previous posts I find that they cover most of the salient points that I would like to make.
This is a pub that needs a bit of direction.

8 Sep 2010 19:03

The Occasional Half, Palmers Green

I remember this one when it was a plumbing shop. Very disappointed when it turned into a pub but I got over it. I mean, why did we need another pub around here! Haven't times changed!
Great staff who have for the most part been working there for several years and know how to do the job. In the last few weeks the relief manager has been better than most perminate landlords of other pubs. As for landlord of this pub, the Occasional Half, he is definitely OK. Usually one real ale on, sometimes two, and mostly well kept, with no problem in taking back a dodgy pint. I find this a friendly pub that is welcoming and receptive to all. Easy disabled access with a disabled toilet that is clean, although the standard toilets need a bit of a makeover, and I am told that the women’s side is a total load of whatever. On this basis I have to mark them down more than I would like to.

7 Sep 2010 17:23

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