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Username: andylizard

Age: 38

Sex: male

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Trents, Chichester

Went in here on 15 November - one of the worst bars I've ever been to. Ignored by miserable looking barman for a few minutes, even then he didn't worry about saying please or thanks when he did eventually serve me. A group of loud businessmen were sitting by the bar, groping cackling women dressed as saucy French maids (given the baguette display in front of the bar - maybe there was a promotion on? God only knows what for. I wondered if I'd walked into a sleazy French-themed hostess bar.)

The pinnacle was paying over £4.25 for a pint of Becks. In central London most pubs aren't even at the £3.80 mark for the same product. I left shortly after, along with the two women on the table next to me who were frankly offended by the staff not stopping the offensive behaviour of the screeching businessmen. Their website boasts"Setting new standards in Chichester" - I think that's probably more accurate than Trents think!

16 Nov 2012 10:13

The Riverside, Vauxhall

In Summer this place is PACKED outside, and you can't really go wrong being by the river. Haven't eaten here in a while after feeling that it was just a touch too pricey for what you were getting. But nice selection of booze, and the bar staff seem to know what they're doing. For now...!

29 Aug 2010 16:14

The Jolly Gardeners, Vauxhall

I know I've posted before, but I like to keep up to date with my opinions... The Jolly Gardiners is a strange thing. It's an entirely German pub, in an area not known for being brilliant, but it's still mad good. The staff REMAIN really knwledgeable about the beer they are selling, I've never seen anyone being surly or unfriendly, and I can't think of anywhere else that would sell the beers they do.


29 Aug 2010 16:03

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