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The Swan Inn, Bicester

When I arrived at the B&B and saw my room, I was shocked to see that the bed had not yet been made (although the landlord was expecting me at that time) and that there were brown stains all over the mattress. The rest of the room was also dirty, especially in the corners, so much so that I did not want to put my belongings on the floor, the bed, the chair or anywhere in the room.

In fact, the room was in such a poor condition that I asked the landlord later that day whether I could have my money back, as I decided that I could not bear to sleep in that bed and would prefer to stay in another hotel. He refused point blank to give me a refund, despite my concerns about the room.

Furthermore, I was very alarmed by the landlord's behaviour towards me and his general demeanour. He was unashamedly lewd, asking me whether I had a boyfriend and making entirely unprovoked suggestive comments.

I would most certainly not recommend this institution to anyone.

20 Sep 2009 21:42

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