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The Marlborough, Richmond

It's a nice pub that sells Young's beer now, but 8.05p for 2 pints and a small bag of KP nuts.....???!!!
That's simply too much for a drink and much as I love Young's beers, It's put me right off.
I know it's Richmond and they can obviously get away with these prices, but I think that's just plain daft.

11 Feb 2010 18:35

Walkabout, Putney

I suppose this place may appeal to you if you're just one of so many moronic, under-educated, flip-flop wearing, arrogant, piss-stained little Yob-Oiks who just happen to be either from South Africa or Australia and thinks you're living on the beach, but you really do a poor job at representing your countries.
Please take your sick-encrusted persons down to the water's edge of the Thames and just keep on walking.
This pub was once the Red Lion, a traditional London pub with a lovely facade catering for everyone. Now, you have a hard job avoiding the beer/sick/piss/chewing gum/cigarette butt stains on the pavement left by these Amoebas as you walk past. Shameful.

11 Jul 2009 17:40

The White Cross, Richmond

I've always been quite fond of this pub as I used to drink here with my late Father.
Good range of beers within a very pleasant riverside setting and quick, efficient bar service.
I have a particular resentment though, when it comes to the extremely rude way I have observed the staff shouting aggressively at quiet and respectable customers to finish their drinks even before the pub is due to close.
Everyone knows the staff are keen to go home after a busy night, but at this particular pub they are renowned for going about this in an inappropriate and entirely unnecessary fashion, which could potentially drive many customers away.
A little more decorum please chaps...

11 Jul 2009 15:06

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