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The Castle, Harrow On The Hill

This is my favourite pub in the whole borough. I would qualify that by saying i) it's not a great area for drinkers (large south east Asian and Jewish communities probably partly explain this), and ii) pubs seem to be closing down left, right and centre here these days (like everywhere...).

Setting all that aside, the ale is always immaculately kept (if eye-wateringly priced - getting on for 4 a pint now), the decor is warm and welcoming (actually really good for a Fuller's pub, which can often be faux-real-boozer-soulless) and there's a decent, recently refurbished beer garden up some steps.

I can't comment on the food as I haven't eaten in there for ages. Looks like they may have changed the menu/ cook though, possibly for the better (the last time I had some lunch it was dispiritingly bland and over-priced but, like I say, that was about three years ago...)

Overall, a good pit stop for a quiet, relaxing pint or five. The chavs tend to avoid the top of the hill (probably too lazy to walk it. Plus, there are no pubs with massive TVs playing wall-to-wall Sky Sports...)

21 Sep 2012 12:00

Trinity, Harrow

Quirky, unusual boozer with regulars to match - friendly though, always seem to fall into chat with other drinkers or the landlord if I go in on my jack (unusual for this area). I don't visit that often but whenever I do, they seem to be dishing out free food, which is a real plus point.

Not an ale drinkers pub but, frankly, there's not one boozer down the hill that serves a passable pint of bitter. You've got to go to the Fuller's ones up the hill for that.

21 Sep 2012 11:36

The Junction, Harrow

Very unusual for me to frequent places like this (crap for real ale, youngish clientele, etc) but owing to the criminal paucity of pubs down the hill, I tend to visit in mid-week.

Think it's recently changed hands(?) - anyway, the lager off the tap's improved a tad (not saying much) and they now have free wi-fi. Also one of the few places down the hill with a beer garden. Decent in the summer for people watching and perving on the studenty girls that come in...

21 Sep 2012 11:30

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