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Username: TheWhisperer

Age: 48

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Marquis of Lorne, Wimbledon

Maybe they can turn it back into a gay pub. But this time by people who know what they are doing, and employ staff who are friendly. The cliquey atmosphere and certain stuck up staff members (deluded when you see they had no reason to be)ruined this gay venue.
I can't comment on it in recent years, as never went back when it turned into a chav pub, and with good reason reading recent reviews!

Wimbledon desperately needs a gay or gay friendly pub. Future licencees take note, this is a potential goldmine if managed correctly.

Or maybe they'll just knock it down and build some lovely tiny faceless flats instead!

9 Aug 2008 14:00

The William Morris, Merton Abbey Mills

A real hidden gem of a pub, with a beautiful riverside location. Unfortunately, the place can be a bit grubby at times, and glasses not so clean. Has the potential to be wonderful, if they utilised the upstairs venue for example. How about a quiz night? And why have they closed half the bar? A lazy Manager?
Location 10/10
General running of pub 5/10

Room for improvement, but one suspects, in another 6 months, they will have someone else running it.

9 Aug 2008 13:34

The Trafalgar Arms, Tooting

Is this venue under new management yet again?
Having visited for the first time a few months back, at that time, we were greeted by lovely friendly staff, and had a super meal, so much so we returned the following evening. The venue was clean and welcoming and had a real buzz, with a real mix of characters, young and old, adding to the friendly vibe.

But things have certainly changed since our last visit.

Last night we were greeted by an unfriendly barmaid in a Roxy Mitchell wig, the type that assumes every male fancies them (maybe her Gaydar needs an overhaul)
Anyway, my partner had a pint of IPA, which was undrinkable, It smelt of vinegar. He reluctantly returned it to the bar, and the barmaid went to pull another pint of it, which he declined. We did not see her report the problem with the IPA.

I had a Southern Comfort and Lemonade, which was obviously watered down.
The food menu seems to have changed, and the sticky menu put us off actually ordering from it!
The venue is not as clean as it once was.

There was also a girl no older than 12 (seemingly related to the unfriendly barmaid?) collecting glasses and strutting around the pub, which was very offputting.
It was also karaoke night last night, and the fact there were more people outside the pub, than at the tables, speaks volumes.
An assortment of strange people were turning up as karaoke began, and we felt more and more uncomfortable, so made a swift exit.

This venue was great a few months back, welcoming to all. But going on last nights visit, it is being run by people who do not realise how lucky they are yo be in charge of a potentially wonderful venue. We won't be returning unless we read/hear of a return to form.

8 Aug 2008 14:18

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