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The Nags Head, Walthamstow

Gann seems to agree with the miserable, offensive and repugnant landlady of this establishment. Adults should not be treated as lepers simply because they choose to have kids. My children were sitting down very politely, not running around the garden, and they still came in for criticism from the witch of an owner. The sign Gann refers to about families being 'welcome' in the garden is lies. Families are not 'welcome' at all, ever. I am proud to say I am banned from this pub as I would not tolerate my family being verbally abused by the disgrace to humanity that is the landlady. Parents deserve to be able to go for a drink in the afternoon as much as anyone else. As for using the pub as a 'creche' well, that comment says it all, Gann. You can have the Nags Head, you deserve it !!!!!!

4 Nov 2015 16:22

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