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Username: Tdmann2047

Age: 40

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Coach and Horses, Norwich

If you find the Coach and Horses, Bethel Street, then I'm afraid that you have walked too far! Upon first glance, you would expect this to be a nice pub with a reasonable choice of beer, even a couple of hand pumps. There is plenty of seating, which you will be grateful for to ensure you are away from the staff. Service was slow, but at the end of a Friday night that might be expected.
I did have, however, a problem with one of my drinks - part of a 20 round unfortunately! After a couple of gulps I realized that a crusty dead moth was stuck to the top of my pint pot, trying to share the beer with me! I know things like this happen, I'm no fool to the trade, so I discreetly returned the beer to the bar and asked bar staff to exchange it for me. I can only presume that the drunk man sat the legal side of the bar was management unwinding, shouted across, " whats wrong with that?" he then assessed my glass, told me it was my fault for going outside (which I hadn't) and that it was ok to drink anyway as the poor moth was on the outside of the glass. He then proceeded to fix the problem by scratching said moth off with his thumb nail, and pushed the pint my way. I then explained that the pint was even less appealing, and that I wanted it changing. After a few dirty looks, this man then ordered the staff to pour another pint, shouting at the poor girl as she was going to pull a full fresh pint for me. He made her stop 1inch short from the top similar to the pint I had returned. Cracking customer service and satisfaction! I would suggest to you all to keep clear, but it's your choice!

14 May 2011 08:08

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