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The Sussex Arms, Twickenham

Going downhill.
Number of active handpumps reducing, quality of kept beer falling. Sunny evenings and it is no longer packed, so customers are noticing and voting with their feet. Attracting a different type of customer now, partially encouraged by the equal opportunity employment policy with 6 out of 6 members of staff being young ladies the last time I visited, so slightly more tattooed lager swilling blokes now sitting round the bar.
If you preferred it the way it was, the way it transformed itself and became a success, then walk ten mins to the Rifleman.

19 Aug 2015 13:21

The Bell Inn, Hampton

The beer was fine, but that's as good as it got.
Apparently they have in the past won awards for their food, but sadly those days are far behind them from the slop i had. £11 for burger n chips - about 6 burnt chips & a homemade burger that was as poorly shaped as you'd expect from a 5 year old trying to cook for the first time. The tiny football shaped burger was in this hugely oversized bun for its requirements, which itself has been burnt & tasted stale.
The olive nibbles i ordered, had to be requested a futher 2 times, as the delay was getting silly. Surely they just empty them out of a jar into a pot?.. the time they were taking, perhaps they were going to Greece to get them.
One table of slightly older women left as they were fed up of waiting for their food. They made by far the best decision of the night! only their argument with the staff about it did ruffle a few feathers.
30mins after finishing the meal, tables were still not being cleared. Took my own plates back & dumped them on the bar counter.
Bad service had been received by everyone that evening. The place was noticably emptying early & only 2 tables remained by 9:30pm. I felt sorry for the group who had clearly booked and were celebrating some special occasion.
Get more serving staff on, but start by training the 'cook' who clearly cannot cope and is out of his depth.
Wont be back for a while, and will certainly not try eating there.
The first pub i have ever wanted to give a minus rating to.

30 Apr 2013 17:02

The Britannia, Richmond

The beer - altho adequate, is still a few degrees too warm, and £7 for a glass of wine is pushing acceptability for a pub. (so over £10 for a pint & glass of wine).
But the Sunday roast, at £14, i was expecting near perfection. This is nearly double what other pubs are charging, but WHAT A LET DOWN!
Little meat, weak gravey, and the smallest portion of carrots & peas i've ever seen. Though, this was a blessing in disguise, as they were laced with raw garlic which stayed in the mouth for hours. Disgusting.
Things have not changed since "mpage"'s review of jul 2011 - the food is to be avoided. Sack the "chef". It will ruin your Sunday, and embarass you in front of your guests!

28 Jan 2013 10:03

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