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Username: Supremeleader

Age: 40

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Baroosh, Hertford

Baroosh is absolute rubbish!

The drinks are overpriced - I can forgive someone paying Westminster business rates for charging me 3 for a beer, but not in Hertford... The clientele are barely tolerable, their chortles and guffaws between bursts of banal conversation make your ears want to bleed. It looked like everyone was pretending they were a WAG or footy player, and the atmosphere was one of a nothingness I've not encountered to such an extent before.

I'd recommend that you give this place a wide berth. Absolute sh*te...

28 Oct 2007 09:49

The Nags Head, Little Hadham

I came here for a large family meal, as my mother in law is over from abroad, and I wanted to take her somewhere nice.

Overall, we were all very impressed with the place. The service left a little to be desired, but given that the current management have only been in place 8 weeks, this can be forgiven.

The food isn't cheap, but its certainly worth the money. Their seafood selection is divine, and all fresh. Their steaks also looked impressive, although the vegetarian menu could have done with a little more attention.

I'd thoroughly recommmend the Nags Head. The few "crinkles" are easily forgiven when you have a mouthful of their wonderful fish, and while the service is a little unpolished, they are definitely making an effort.

Go here, and you should come away a very happy (and very full) person!

28 Oct 2007 09:45

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