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The Barley Mow, Epsom

Nice beer garden and friendly bar staff, these are the positives, but judging by some of the reviews, they have rested on their laurels.

The food is ok but over priced, the menu is a bit uninspiring and some meals appear microwaved which is fine if you're paying a fiver, you're not in the Barley Mow.

The Beers and Ales are hit and miss, they don't know how to keep the Guinness. Although bar staff are more than friendly which improves on the library atmosphere. I think this is caused by the management and I can only echo comments made by others on this site about the manager and manageress, they have a couldn't care less attitude and are aggressive to customers. You have to tread on egg shells when they are about as all it takes is one word then WWIII starts, the pub isn't as busy as it's been over the years this could be the reason why. They shouldn't be in this game you're not up to it. Do something you enjoy and give the pub back.

It's time for a change, I'll be back when you both have gone.

1 Dec 2013 15:03

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