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The Lobster Pot, Farnham

Went for a meal, which was pricey but very nice - and the waitress service was absolutely top notch. The advantage of dining at a "pub" for a meal rather than a restaurant is that a decent pint can normally be had to accompany the meal. Unfortunately, the management don't take as much care over this aspect as they do over the food and the service - the only ale available was Doom Bar in pretty poor form.

5 Feb 2014 14:56

The Lamb, Farnham

After the popular and long-standing Landlord Bob left in April 2013, the beer quality dived and regulars all left for pastures new. The replacement tenant gave up towards the end of 2013 and the pub stood empty for a while. NOW THE GOOD NEWS: new tenants Kate and Steve have tidied the place up and the beer is as good as it has ever been, absolutely top quality. Spitfire, Kent's Best and Whitstable Bay are normally available. As the footie loving regulars seem settled in the Waverley now, the emphasis is on a more genteel atmosphere, and very good food is available at reasonable prices. All the pub needs to make it work now is a few new customers, so "use it or lose it"!

5 Feb 2014 14:51

The Hop Blossom, Farnham

Beer here is expensive, but it is not subsidised as in most pubs by fruit machines, juke box or pool table. It's a lovely, quiet pub where you can enjoy a chat. The roaring log fire in winter is great (as long as you don't sit too close and get toasted on one side). Beers are London Pride, Chiswick and ESB, plus a Fuller's seasonal ale or an independent brewer's ale from their guest list. Beer is usually in pretty good form. Occasionally the staff could be a bit more active in toning down the language from one loud, female regular. The back room is a little cool and less welcoming but is useful for large groups of people.

5 Feb 2014 14:41

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