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Username: Sonofpubman

Age: 36

Sex: ?

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The Princess Louise, Holborn

Hooray! The PL is back on it's feet again. Not sure about the refurb, I like the train compartment things and its nice my feet no longer stick to the floor, but it seems to have lost a bit of character. Its even busier then it used to be as well, which means you'll have to stand all night and endure mobs of scrounging students milling around at the partioned bar, trying to pay for drinks with handfuls of silver. Little rant there, but still one of the better pubs in Holborn/one of the least dishevelled Sam Smith's in London.

13 Feb 2008 00:32

The Pitcher and Piano, Holborn

Impossible to hear anything in here, apart from crap thumping house music and the honking voices of the suits who flock here to crow after work. The only saving grace is a hidden underground drinking area/pool room which is actually ok and blissfully shielded from the music. The entrance to it looks like a fire exit so hardly anyone ever finds it-it helps that most visitors to this place 'aint that smart. The staff are tolerable but the drinks and menu are poncy and annoying, like all P&Ps.

13 Feb 2008 00:25

Pagliacci, Holborn

Well the name means 'clown' in Italian apparently, but there were none in there so I was immediately dissapointed. Basically this place is decorated like a german gay disco from the 80s and maintains a similar clientele. All the men wander around in brightly coloured flamboyant shirts, wear sunglasses indoors and maintain annoying habits like clicking their fingers at the bar staff. Cripplingly expensive as well. A last resort

13 Feb 2008 00:22

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