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The Oddfellows Arms, Nantwich

Outstanding pub (my local)

Landlord & Landlady Peter & Hazel are experienced & fine & friendly Landlords they know how to run a GREAT pub.

Very friendly, great BEER, you MUST try the Cocker Hoop (REAL ALE) its one of the very BEST pints in Nantwich!

They always have at least one guest ALE every week & it sells out FAST!

Great BEER garden, one of the biggest & best in Nantwich.

All the staff here are friendly, its a great family pub too. So your fine to take your kids.

Again all down to Peter & Hazel

Gets 9 stars from me, I might be biased as I live right across the road from the oddies, however to get 10 stars then it would need to ADD a lot more choice in REAL ALE, having said that you can't have everything your own way & I am very happy with the ALE they have especially the Cocker Hoop! Be warned though its not a session ALE, its too strong for that, great for a couple of pints.

2 Aug 2010 15:17


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