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The Forest Edge, Chingford

Now back to it's original name, The Sirloin continues to be a Chingford mainstay.

Terry and Lorraine provide a friendly family atmosphere (the pub has a great garden) while still catering to thier regulars.

Another Chingford boozer that suffers from an image problem entirely disproportionate to the reality.

If you are scared of working class people why drink in Chingford in the first place, this IS East London for gawds sake.


8 Sep 2007 12:00

The Prince of Wales, Chingford Hatch

With all due respect, Rotski's comments about "Gercha's" (there is no T) say more about his/her views of certain social groups than they do about the Prince.

The fight mentioned must've been the only one in recent memory as, although the clientelle are of the more down to earth variety they certainly arent roughneck brawlers.

Although in my 15 year experience this pub has experienced fluctuating fortunes it is certainly not a bad place and, indeed, has recently experienced an upswing with new manager Mehmet and his team really putting some effort in to restore the pub to former (mid 90's) glory.

A self policing and generally friendly (we all have bad days) group of locals make this a decent pub.

Perhaps the over sensitive should stick to the gastropubs.


8 Sep 2007 11:45

Larkshall, Chingford

Recently under new management, Larkshall continues to fly the flag for traditional pubs in an increasingly standardised (and diminished) Chingford pub scene.

Managers Kit and Kerry have raised the bar in terms of food and general cleanliness whilst still retaining Larkshalls unique blend of friendly regulars and fair weather walk ups.

In my initial comments I forgot to mention the history of the "bottom bar", believed to date from the 16th century the converted farmhouse/barn is the real deal in a market full of faux history. The top bar (dating from the 1800's) also pleases with a couple of large bay windows making a light and airy contrast to the bottom bar's more intimate and cozy atmosphere.


8 Sep 2007 11:09

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