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Username: Robbie1

Age: 38

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The Horse and Groom, Rushlake Green

Just wanted to say that The Horse and Groom Rushlake Green is without doubt one of if not the best places in Sussex for food and drink. I first came across this pub about 5 years ago and was always really pleased with everything. But I feel that within the last year this pub has gone up another level. The food now is without doubt Michelin Star quality. In fact the food there is Superb!! I went there the other day and had a beautiful meal. I had Halibut which was to die for and my friend had Fresh Broad Oak Lamb that was cooked to perfection!! Above all that I'm impresses me with with this pub is the service and welcome you get when entering The Horse and Groom. The Landlady is very welcoming and very Professional. I also found out that she used to run The Star Inn in old heathfield which was a beautiful pub but has I believe changed for the worse now since she has left. In fact her Head chef was the chef with her there and is now with her at the Horse and Groom. I've read the last few reviews about this pub and can only say that the people who wrote them must be in cloud cuckoo land and the comments must be taken off this site as they are just not true. I erge everyone that is a fan of superb quality food to go to The Horse and Groom. You will not be disappointed!! Robbie1

22 Oct 2008 15:17

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