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Username: RiffRaff

Age: 31

Sex: female

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The Pear Tree, Hammersmith

Eon, mate, sediment has nothing to do with clean pipes, it's from the barrel, obviously it was nearing the end and they couldn't have done anything more than give you a free half. Don't worry, I wouldn't expect you to know that, I mean you do drink Fosters after all (maybe best not to advertise that in the future).

13 May 2011 15:28

The White Horse, Parsons Green

I worked here not so long ago, (and really appreciate alefellow's kind comments, that American beer festival was a night of seriously hard work!). Yes, it's full of public school people, a lot of whom we all wish would go somewhere else, but a few of whom are also really nice people.
But to me all that's irrelevant when you look at their beer selection, how finely it's kept, how much effort the cellar men take in keeping it well, and the bar staff take it serving it well- they all know their stuff, and are all keen to learn more, and take real pride in tasting new beers and recommending their favourites to any one with anything from a willingness to try something new, to those with a real passion for beer, and with nearly 200 beers in one place- it's like a year round beer festival.
Like many people, it's not necessarily the type of pub I'd go into if it weren't for there fantastic selection, I prefer a smaller, darker drinking place, but it's a world famous pub in the beer world, and if you like beer you have to go in there at least once.
Aside from all that, I can tell you from personal experience that all the members of staff, from the top to the bottom are some of the hardest working in London- be nice to them, they're doing everything they can to give you good beer as fast as they can.

11 Sep 2009 13:34

The Toucan, Soho

I must admit I was pretty taken aback last time I went in to pay 3.70 for a Guinness, and it wasn't AS good as I remember it to be considering the place is basically a huge Guinness advert. However, I really like the toucan, and I'm wondering if some of the last reviewers, like Mr. Cock there (no really, look at the guy's name) wouldn't be better off going to the Village nearby instead- Maybe the barmen would be more to your taste there too?

I like the fact that it's small and dark and dingy, to me that's how a pub should be, I don't need to be blinded by a spectrum of UV lights to see where my pint is. How can you say it's charmless? Guinness have arguably the most famous and iconic advertisements in Europe, and this place is packed with vintage pictures, clocks and other bits and bobs i.e. Guinness stools, on which I could sit for hours staring at the walls.

And if you don't want a pint of black they have a nice little Whisky list, then there's the fact they play decent music, at a volume you can still have a conversation, a rarity now in central London. When you go on a quiet night, it's at least a nice place for a stop off for one, and then some.

11 Sep 2009 13:09

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