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Username: Redeye48

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The White Lion Inn, Weston

I visited this pub 2 months ago to ascertain that it would be serving food when I called in with my two friends for lunch on one of our future regular rambles for retirees.

Having been given assurances that meals were served daily I was mystified earlier today when on reaching the pub, with a hearty appetite after two and a half hours of tramping the Cheshire fields, to find little - in fact no signs of life. Together with my two equally hungry walking companions I followed signs round the corner to the adjoining hotel suite, still hoping to find food and a drink. Both doors to the hotel were also locked and we were about to turn away when a figure emerged from the recesses of the hotel / pub and began to unbolt the doors. Our spirits rose again and we had visions of welcome sustenance.

Eventually the door was pulled open and a sour faced man appeared in view. "Is the pub open?" I asked, brightly. The gentleman gave our company what I can best describe as a distainful sneer replying that it obviously wasn't "as the doors were shut."

One of my companions then enquired if the pub was usually open on Mondays to which he answered that the pub opened when he felt like it and closed when he felt like it.

Sensing that we were not about to get invited in for lunch I was about to ask if there were any other places of refreshment in the locality when the gentlemen implied that my party was trying to break into his hotel on some act of larceny. Obviously our walking boots, rucksacks, maps and cags were all part of some fiendishly clever disguise.

The opened door was then summarily shut in our faces.

Wandering back into the village we recounted our story to various locals, none of whom expressed real surprise at the turn of events. Indeed we heard of other instances were the welcome at this pub has not, shall we say, been entirely fulsome but being second hand I will refrain from repeating them here.

So my advice to anyone visiting or walking in this part of the world. Don't count on this establishment to be open. Even if it is don't cross the threshold. Instead go to the White Horse Inn at nearby Barthomley, where a more friendly, more civilised, welcome awaits.

26 Apr 2010 19:33

The Ring O' Bells, Overton

Really enjoyed a lunch in this pub recently.

Tasty, wholesome food - at extremely good value for money - excellent ales and a warm welcome.

What more could a rambler want?

4 Aug 2009 17:49

The Belle Monte Hotel, Frodsham

Tried to slip in for a quick pint today but a person inside - presumably the landlord, in a somewhat brusque and rather rude manner, I thought, informed us that they were closed.

So I can't make any comment about the beer.

As this pub is apparently closed for business on Monday lunchtimes I would recommend strolling down the hill to the Ring O' Bells in Overton village. Excellent ale and wholesome, low cost food.

6 Jul 2009 21:03

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