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Username: Rah_24

Age: 39

Sex: ?

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The Travellers Friend, Woodford Green

It's Chloe here, I am the Daughter Of Michael and Lucie who used to run the Travellers, I am not bothered about being anonymous and just wanted to have my say.

I think some of the comments on here are absolutely disgraceful, My mother and sister left the pub over a year ago now and you are still all sitting there sniping still. Do none of you seriously have anything better to do? seems some people have short memories of when my father passed away 6 years ago, He was well loved and respected in the area, I'm sorry some of you feel such hatred towards the pub still,but it's nothing to do with us anymore after being there for 25 years, and I would apprciate it if you could all refrain from slating my family any further on this website, I am frankly surprised it's been allowed to go on for so long by "Admin" not everything about the pub was bad, and I considered a lot of the regulars to be my friends too when I loved and worked there, but it's time to leave it and move on yeah? Talk about Scott and Andrew as much as you want, Leave the Morris' out of it now.

Kind Regards.

19 May 2015 14:14

The Horse and Well, Woodford Wells

great pub, slightly expensive for my liking but nice beer, great for a game of golf too!

27 May 2008 20:23

The Warren Wood, Buckhurst Hill

Absolute dive, leaves a lot to be desired.

27 May 2008 20:22

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