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Username: Quincy2

Age: 63

Sex: male

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The Leinster Arms, Bayswater

In this day and age of pubs closing it can be very disheartening to turn up and find your local has closed for good.
But I've actually found something worse. Our local, well run by a good manager and his better half, is still the same pub but with a new manager who doesn't care about his business. Over the last couple of months the Leinster Arms has gone from being a friendly local which catered to tourists as well to being a tourist pub where the site of someone you know is quite rare.
The ale has gone from being good to being passable, the staff go through the motions, the manager probably watches more TV than any of his locals ever did, in fact its somewhat like preplanning someone's funeral because even though they haven't gone yet you know they will pass on shortly.
R.I.P. The Leinster Arms, its been nice knowing you.

30 Sep 2016 14:12

The Greenwich Pensioner, Poplar

So the Pensioner is at it again. Another spate of time and another manager gone, mind you she had let the place go to rack and ruin.
So its back, Admittedly only keg beers, Stella, Fosters Guinness etc but at very keen prices! £3.30 for Fosters, £3.50 for Stella? Ale is coming apparently. Cant wait!
Meanwhile some local history adorns the walls (The Confessions posters and the Sharks head have gone, as has the dreadful smell of drains) and the young lady whose taken over seems keen to get it moving. Heres hoping!

9 May 2016 16:23

The Cleveland Arms, Bayswater

It's been a while since I've ventured into paddington and after a rough day popped back to one of my favourite pubs. Well it was an award winning ale pub with enough quirk to make it interesting, a bunch of locals who were always fun and staff who were happy to chat and give a little more than dump a pint in front of you.
All change! Soulless place now, hardly busy, think they call it a "pop up pub" it's all wrong, the staff poured me a pint and took my money. There the interaction ended. And £4.20 a pint for what was an averagely kept bitter? No wonder the gaff was quiet!

2 Sep 2014 00:08

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