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Age: 36

Sex: female

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The Elmhurst, Tottenham

It used to be a very nice pub until new people took over... I dont go there often since then... Overall score 3.

14 Oct 2009 15:27

The Jolly Anglers, Wood Green

I think that as a customer I have right to comment. I felt very uncomfortable and unhappy at that pub. I went there with my sister and her husbend one Wednesday afternoon and instead of havin a nice pint, I had some unnecessary arguments with one of the bar mates who was only one there. I often go to that pub and I never come across such a disappointment. I was totally ignored by young, English, short blond girl who claimed to be a manager (I only gave that description because there is a mixture of Polish & English stuff who is often very nice and polite) and I was also told that Im being rude by asking if she works here and being inpatient after 10 min waiting to be served while she was having a long conversation with the other customer who I presume was her boyfriend. She never said: Ill be with you in a min or could you please just wait, anything to make me understand that she actually going to serve me eventually. After 1 min of her talking really loud and over me, she refused to sell me that beer.
I thought that I was dealing with professionals but I think that I was wrong. I also think that in current economic climate you need to be very careful of what and how you say to the customer and as a manager (who she claimed she was) you need to know how to deal with that kind of situations and be always polite. And: as they say: customer is always right!

24 Sep 2009 16:39


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