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Username: Nightout

Age: 57

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Eagle Vaults, Worcester

I am going to write facts not accusations. Arrived at the Eagle Vaults at 11.30pm on the 31/12/2013. Ordered a drink and too a seat. My partner then used her phone to send two texts. Just before midnight she went to use her phone again to ring her children. She then discovered that her phone and £60 in cash were missing from the handbag. We then left the pub and informed the police. She then entered the Eagle Vaults to ask if anyone had seen what happened. I then went in after her, but was warned by customers not to get involved. I was then forced to sit down. I could see my partner being confronted by 4 males all shouting in her face. I then exited the pub and called the police again. I was then physically pushed down the road and spat upon by one of the customers who was trying to goad me into a fight. He was then joined by two other customers who also tried provoking me. My partner then came and stood in front of them and pushed them back up the road. She is only tiny and took on three of them (Big brave lads). The police arrived and statements where taken. The first guy who threatened me was then escorted into the pub by a woman I believe to be the bar manager.
All fact, so you judge the place

9 Jan 2014 10:20

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