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The Litten Tree, Blackpool

I visit Blackpool quite often , mainly on a saturday, and I have been in the Litten Tree on many times !! but never again !!, the service is allways slow and not with a smile, not good for this type of work, but they all seem the same staff and management, uninterested. I am a polite person who waits his turn to get served and if someone was before me then I say, the bar staff do not take notice on who has waited or don`t appear to care and they all look really uninterested , the man who seems to be the manager(about 5`5" with little or no hair and a less than a happy look, maybe not the job for him) , anyway last night (sat 11 feb), I went in for a lager , I only usually have 1 or 2 , but I waited about 10 mins and stayed at the same part of the bar, all the staff new it was my turn, the man sent 1 staff member to the other part of the bar and he moved further away serving people who had just arrived, finally i`d had enough and said to him "do I have to go to a part of the bar to get served ?, he said what ? !! so I repeated the question " and added I havebeen here ages and you are serving all before me !! he said !! "you won`t be served now" so I was not allowed to ask a question when in the right !! I was polite and none agressive !! so I left and went to another bar and was served by a polite smiling bar person straight away !! but my night was ruined by this man at the Litten Tree who was in my opinion poor and reading some of these reviews I would be worried if I had an interest in it`s future, in these times money is hard and in a service industry, the priority is good quality service, this bar in my opinion and reading the reviews many others who can be bothered to do this review, it needs to change ASAP. Thank You for your time !! Best Wishes Neil

12 Feb 2012 13:28

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