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Username: Mazza73

Age: 46

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The Hobgoblin, Marylebone

The concept of customer service simply does not exist in Wood. When you ask for wine glasses to drink your wine in rather than the champagne glasses the bar staff have given you, you do not recieve an apology, you are spoken to as somehow you have made an unreasonable request, after all it's those annoying customers that used all up all the wine glasses! And try talking to the landlord about it, you are told that his job is to provide drink in a glass, not the right glass! Nice.
Add to that a general arrogance from all the staff, and the refusal to provide you with tap water,it really makes for a poor experience. Last night my friends and I had had enough, so told the landlord we weren't happy, and his response was "the best way for to complain is not to come back in here". Don't worry, we won't. Perhaps it's that lousy attitude that explains why the pub is half empty at 10pm on a Friday night.

Shame really, as the Thai there is really nice. Please don't visit this pub, bad customer service shouldn't be rewarded,

31 Mar 2012 09:12

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