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The Bickley, Chislehurst

I was taken here as a Fathers day treat, by my son (aged 2 1/2). My wife only booked it during the week of Fathers day, so when she was told that the Sunday was fully booked (now doubtful given other reviews and our experience…) we went on the Saturday instead. Friends had recommended the Bickley to us, (who are “Foodies”) so we had thought it would be nice…

On arrival, three people ignored us. Firstly, by the barman, then a waiter and then a waitress. It just made us feel like a nusence. What price a smile? Not a great start. After walking into the restaurant and announcing that we had booked to the waitress that had ignored us we were then shown to a table.

We ordered two Bucks Fizz’s and an Apple juice.

The Food

My son had boiled eggs and soldiers – Fine!

My Wife had the smoked cod fishcake. It was a large ball of smoked cod that was not cooked well, as it was stodgy in the middle. It seemed to us that something that big could not be cooked through properly if the outside was not to be incinerated, and so it proved. Side of Green salad.

I had the Rump Steak ‘Fillet Cut’ steak. I ordered it medium rare, but it came grey ¾ the way through and raw in the middle. It seemed to me that it was cooked when still chilled too much from the fridge, so while it felt like Medium rare, it was actually overcooked/raw. Chips were nice, but the side of beans/cabbage seemed a bit mean.

With hind site I should have complained, but as it was a treat from my Son (Wife) so I kept quiet. (Regretted later)

For Pudding I ordered the summer pudding that was also disappointing. It was tiny, dry and accompanied by clotted cream and three small dabs of fruit. It was just way to dry, as a dish with no juice. I sent it back.

My wife and son both had ice cream that was nice.


While the waitress and waiter we had were pleasant enough, the manager/bloke in a suit walked around un-smilingly, ignoring everyone. I didn’t see him speak to anyone, staff or patrons. I made a point of looking at him on three occasions, nothing! Now if you are going to charge what they do, the least I would expect is a smile. I think you can do that for free, but it does take a bit of thought. Having sent the summer pudding back I would have expected the manager to come and enquire as to what the issue was, but nothing!


The bill arrived correct except the summer pudding was still included. When this was mentioned to the waiter he immediately agreed to remove it (and by now less than impressed) I curtly tolled him to take the 10% service charge off. This he did and promptly brought the new correct bill back, and I paid the £70.

On the day they were not busy, six tables max. The interior décor is what I would call crass/flash and coupled with the iffy service and under welling food makes for a disappointing experience.


Don’t bother!

Un-solicited Advice…

Don’t spend loads on hideous décor; get someone in the Kitchen who cares what leaves it and front of house, welcome people and Bloody Smile! … oh and sort the leaking roof wile your at it!

19 Jun 2011 10:20

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