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Prince of Wales, Hampton Court

First time drinking in this part of town. Went there with the missus to initially have something to eat, then later to meet up with friends.

From the outside it looks nice and the inside looks very nice and modern, shame that it doesn't reflect on the attitude of the staff.
I ordered two main courses and was told by the manager, as I'm about to pay, that their card machines aren't working. Luckily I had enough notes to pay but as the bartender took the money she looked over at the manager as if I was not worthy of being served.

As we were waiting for the food, an older couple had also ordered their food- the bartender was quick to clean their table but despite also serving us she did not even bother coming over and cleaning our dirty table.

The food came, my missus's plate looked and tasted very nice, my steak on the other hand clearly wasn't medium rare but it was tasty enough so I didn't bother complaining.

After eating we met up with our friends, later on I paid for some more alcohol- a very stupid pricing strategy was on offer 2 small glasses of house white for 7, two large glasses for 8 or the bottle for 10. Once again I was told I couldn't pay by card, yet the person I was with they didn't have any problems letting him pay by card- even though we had the same bank card- maybe this was to do with the fact that he was wearing an expensive rolex watch.

In short this pub is one to avoid unless you act or are dressed up as a snob as the staff will judge you before they take your money which seems quite ironic seeing as their staff come across as pretty thick.

They get a 1 from my missus as she enjoyed the food. From me they don't deserve anything.

5 Sep 2011 15:33

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