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Username: Lisa4brit

Age: 50

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Cheshire Lines Inn, Southport

The first time my boyfriend and I went into this place the bartender chewed our head off for turning off a very loud television! We were trying to have a conversation while listening to the trivia answers. Later, when I ask for a shot the barmaid said, "I don't do shots here. I don't want more of your kind coming in here, we don't want more young people coming in here and wrecking the place." I gasped but tried not to let it ruin my night. I am 42 years old! Not some reckless college student! After this we still stayed only because we ran into some friends that were there. After this terrible welcome I did not want to return. Low and behold I found myself back at this place a second time a month later. It started off ok, but the crowd really are very old, they are bitter people that have nothing else better to do than to gossip and make you feel unwelcome. Ok, you got it. We will never come back to this awful place with rude people again!

31 Mar 2012 15:47

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