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Username: Lardy

Age: 48

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The London Regalia, London Bridge

Packed beyond belief during the summer (as it's a boat on the River Thames) and dead during the winter.

Not a bad choice of drinks. Nothing special though

3 Feb 2005 17:08

The Sports Academy, Monument

I remember years and years ago when this used to be the Bull Market upstairs and the Bear Market downstairs. Upstairs was a champagne bar and downstairs was a normal pub, albeit only for people wearing suits.

The old Sports Academy always used to be dead, so at least now the upstairs seems to be slightly more busy since they did away with the sports theme and have focused on coffees, sofas and women (it seems). Not been downstairs since it changed hands, but before so it had 3 pool tables and a load of arcade / fruit machines. Drinks were normally priced and the food wasn't bad. I work just round the corner so would pop down there if I wanted a game of pool and didn't want to get hassled off the table. It's always so quiet in there that it's not a problem.

3 Feb 2005 17:07

Bar Me, Enfield

Oh what a shame it's closed. What a dump.

3 Feb 2005 16:10

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