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Local homeowner.
Sorry no White Van, but I do have a sense of humour that is not appreciated in this locality.
I love real Beer, Loud Rock/Nu-metal music and educated discussions.

Username: Keep_Hatton_Alive

Age: 54

Sex: male

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The Fighting Cocks, Kingston Upon Thames

WowÖwhat a selection of comments.

Iím a 40 something metal/goth/heavy rocker/Company directorÖetc.etc.
Respectable by day, despicable by night.

My honest comments are.

Seemed like a great crowd (mixture of young and 30-somthings) on the last three occasions Iíve been in (all Nov 2007). Perhaps the crowd was clicky, but then arenít all pubs with a younger (or for that matter older) crowd? Music was to my taste and suitably loud.
Lighting was too bright for a rock venue (may be Iím old school). Door staff were friendly, especially since they didnít know any of us. Beer was disappointing, but Iíve got high standards, especially regarding real ale. Given it was from the Wychwood Brewery I would have thought that they could have stocked wider range, perhaps in bottles if they canít keep the beer in the cellar. The problem with real ale is you have to know how to store, pour and handle the beer. If itís poor no one drinks it, then it gets worse, then even less people drink it. I think thatís what happened here.
The larger seemed to be going down very well, lets face it, thatís what most people drink anyway.

This pub is definitely on my list of Kingston town centre pubs. Itís alternative, itís not a wine wantabe and not a single scarf in sight!

22 Dec 2008 18:20

The Green Man, Hatton

The next nearest pub really is in Bedfont! Not happy...get the Green Man open as soon as ////


21 Dec 2008 17:19

The Green Man, Hatton

GREEN MAN CLOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Awaiting new buyer...........................

Nearest pub now 15 minutes walk away.................


20 Dec 2008 19:05

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