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Currently travelling Australia... will be back in the UK shortly..

Tall, Slim, Dark hair, green eyes... have a very random personality.. im not quite right apparently, but i'm harmless really!!! Favourite drink, either a pint of Strongbow or Tooheys {Aussie lager} or Blue Aftershock with redbull! absyinth is my favourite Liver killer.

Username: Jon_Boy

Age: 35

Sex: male

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The Bird In Hand, Hayle

Top pub, and my dad's frequent Hide out... George the landlord is a top fella, even if he is a geordie!! thinks he's good at pool, he's crap! Little bit on the pricey side, but decent pint none the less.. only employs female bar staff.. could be a good thing if he employs attractive ones!!

12 Apr 2006 02:50

The Prom/Bottle Bar, Bognor Regis

I wouldn't say this is the cheapest of bars as they sell alcohol in cans and bottlesn and it would cost less to be a chav and buy them from the off licence, but the bar staff are very friendly. very good atmosphere on weekends and thursdays, good as a pre club bar. only complaint is the state of the toilets on busy nights, need to be cleaned more often.

9 Apr 2006 14:55

Gatehouse, Chichester

I actually think this is one of the best bars i've been to. decent Draught and spirits at daft prices, can't really complain.. i have noticed the chavs are slowly reducing and there is a selection of decent totty in there { forgive me sam, no harm in just looking}
I return from Australia soon so i've no doubt i will be trying there for employment.
Top atmosphere on weekends and thurday nights.
Only flaw is i get I.D'd by the same bouncer every week, yet im sure he must reconise me by now.. but the laws the law i guess.
Good pre club Bar!!

8 Apr 2006 13:19

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