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Username: Jammyd

Age: 47

Sex: ?

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The Sidewalk, West Byfleet

Right.... it's 2.70 for a Stella which is reasonable enough for anywhere in Surrey these days, as for the old sweaty people... get a life mate.. Don't be ageist, some of the best people to talk to in life are the ones who have actually had one!
Oh yeah and if someone does smell, at least have the decency to tell them so as they can do something about it!
As for the actual place, well if you ask me it's top class! You have real people with real lives. Who want's another huge warehouse full of numbers (and I don't mean Krony), where you can't hear a thing and all the blokes just want to get pi**ed and fight.
The Sidewalk has a personality of its own, blended with good music, great DJ's & the odd live band, fabulous food and as already mentioned some superb looking bar tenders.. Not to mention they are friendly and will actually have a laugh with you..
Any major sports events are experience in themselves, with plenty of opinions and emotions flying around but without attitude or aggression.. One of the best places I have ever had the privilege to spend my cash !!

20 Oct 2005 16:02

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