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Chequers, Stanton

I was a fairly regular customer here in the 1970s and 1980s. I remember Bass being a fixture, sold on stillage. The pub memorably featured paintings of the local cricket team (unless I dreamt that.)

Today, all the plaster has been stripped off the walls down as far as the wainscot, but there is still a stuffed owl, and, touchingly, some hats, of those whom I assume to have been erstwhile, and now sadly-missed, but fondly-remembered regulars.

The pub is soft-upholstered throughout, giving a cosy and comfortable feel. There was HPA, JHB, Bass and 6X, along with a cider. Since I had just scored my two-millionth red arrow (not green, goodness me no, ladies and gentlemen) on the Daily Mail's what-passes-for-comment threads, I was in the mood for a modest celebration. I had a JHB.

The pub advertised "real food", and so we went for the battered fish, chips, and peas. The lady behind the bar appeared with a bowl of flour, and cracked an egg into it, later adding a dash of lager, and then some soda water, interestingly. You can't say much fairer than that, really can you?

Yes, this is a little gem.

Going back to the memorial headwear, and to the former regulars here, I'd be very grateful, if anyone who knew him at the Chequers could raise a glass to the recently-late Alan Winfield of these parts, being the much-missed, and arguably the most prolific visitor of pubs in these fair isles.

"To Alan".

17 Aug 2018 20:17

Bull, Ditchling

Not that much seems to have changed from the reviews below, it seems.

We called mid-afternoon last Sunday, and came upon what seemed to be a restaurant business, and apparently quite an intensive one too.

There are a few high chairs at the bar, in two of which we sat. That would appear to be it for non-diners. There was little change, from twelve pounds, for a pint of ale and a glass of wine.

I don't know if there was more to it than we saw, but six is as good as it gets from me from that. It's an old place, but with smart modern fittings.

The customer's springer spaniel, on the floor at the bar was amiably patient, mind.

15 Aug 2018 16:10

White Horse, Ditchling

We entered through a bead curtain, to find a normal, presentable pub yesterday lunch time. There seemed to be a restaurant annex too, but which was closed.

There were five ales, and my Harvey's Sussex Best was decent enough. Prices weren't silly either.

We entered the rear garden by another bead curtain, where we ate an appetising lunch. There must have been one or more wasps nests nearby, and that perhaps explained the bead curtains. I didn't see anyone reading tarot cards anyway.

People seemed unconcerned by the wasps, commendably, but the loan, of pairs of bicycle clips at the bar would have been welcome, maybe.

I'd gladly come again, if near this quaint Sussex village.

All wasps can pssoff.

15 Aug 2018 15:59

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