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The Cayo Arms Hotel, Cardiff

Yes, Cayo Evans was leader of the Free Wales Army. However, it was in 1969 that he was imprisoned for conspiracy to cause explosions, and not in the 1970s as I wrongly wrote.

The area round The Pontcanna Inn, formerly the Cayo Arms, is home to many of Cardiff's Welsh-speaking residents, a few of whom were perhaps Cayo's erstwhile comrades, and I owe it to them to be precise.

I'm writing for the community of this pub's customers, not for, say, white van man from Reigate, who will never visit.

Whatever, TPI gets eight-out-of-ten from me.

20 Jun 2018 18:24

The Cayo Arms Hotel, Cardiff

Cayo was a Welsh nationalist, jailed in the 1970s for trying to blow up a BBC transmitting station, if I summarise correctly.

We bumped into one of his comrades (I perhaps won't name him), in the Halfway, just down the road not so long back. He was staring rather solemnly into his beer.

I suppose that he might well have been. There was once a time, when the odd jolly wheeze, such as the Brighton hotel bombing, meant that our rulers were at least scared of something. Nothing appears to frighten the wretched low-life these days, does it?

Well, if you have any sentiment for those days, then you'll possibly be disappointed to learn that the Cayo, after a period of some months closure, is now open again, but under the name of The Pontcanna Inn.

Still, if so, then dry your eyes, dear hearts. This now a fine pub-cum-restaurant-cum-hotel. The d├ęcor is stylishly traditional and solid, light, but not insipid. The selection of beers is pretty damned decent, and fairly priced too.

"To the future" (whatever that might be.)

20 Jun 2018 13:06

The Navigation Inn, North Ormesby

This pub is much like any other near a football stadium on match days, but let's address the other six-sevenths (or thirteen-fourteenths if you will) of its life. It's quite cut off, by the A66 flyover on the one hand, and by the River Tees on the other.

There is some extant industry nearby, however. Metal fabricators, marine companies, and maybe the odd chemical works ply their respective trades here, but there doesn't seem to be any neighbouring residential community of which to speak.

So, there is at least a nominal customer base for the pub, and I found it to be cosy and friendly. I've enjoyed simple hearty pub food here, and a fair pint of Guinness. (There might have been an ale too, but if so then I didn't spot it.)

The pub building stands rather alone in its style then, but defiantly so, surrounded by the clearance of heavy industrial dereliction, and by some of its replacement. Long may it keep on keeping on.

17 Jun 2018 12:04

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