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Username: Huge_Happiness

Age: 62

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The Butterchurn, Sutton

Formerly my nearest pub, but unless I could sit outside, I went elsewhere. I have overheard some inadvertently hilarious conversations as the neanderthals put the world to right.(Rants against Northerners Scots and Irish taking local`s jobs was the latest- a twist on the usual rascist spiel).

Punch ups are a feature of most Sutton pubs, this one is no worse or better than any other, but it at least does have an attempt at a car park where there seems to be a local rule that these take place.

6 Oct 2007 16:51

The Greyhound, Carshalton

This pub has never been cheap, or even reasonably priced, but has been the sort of place to go to with the latest girlfriend. The local Round Table used to meet there such was its respectability. However it is now cheaper to drink in the City area of London rather than wait till you get nearly home- and wait you will in this pub, the service speed is along the lines on an athsmatic slug with a limp.

I recommended a colleague to stay here once, and how they can charge 80 a night for a very basic room ia beyond me.

I used to be a regular user of this place, after my last visit, it will be some time before I return. I think I now see why Youngs is having to merge in order to survive.

6 Oct 2007 16:44

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