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Three Horseshoes Inn, Sidlow Bridge

Rumour has it locally that the excellent 3H is to close as of today, Monday 31st December 2018. I'm outside now and can't see any sign of life, but then it wouldn't normally be open on a Monday lunchtime. It'll be a very sad loss if it shuts permanently; it's one of the last rural pubs still focused on local drinkers, albeit that it offers perfectly respectable food. I'm assured Pam the owner has her reasons, but it won't be picked-up as a going concern unless it's available at the right price, and even then there needs to be a decent dollop of luck in the right person with the right money emerging at the right time with the right ideas. Could be the end of an era.

31 Dec 2018 12:29

The Plough, Earlswood

Still on recent form a worthy place for a filling lunch or dinner, from a menu that embraces both bar meals and more substantial fare, at relatively competitive prices. Cask-wise, The Plough has finally started to become something of a local contender, serving four offerings, two of them more adventurous guests (the Surrey Hills, Pilgrim and other loc-ale options remain very-well-kept on my visits), and as everywhere else around has caught-up with (and frequently exceeds) the £4 pint ceiling, this pub no longer looks like one of the most expensive in the area.

The interior matches expectations from without and still brings that 'country' feel, despite being in a suburb of a sizeable commuter dormitory town. The garden is a pleasure, with plenty of space and events do run in the warmer months which prove popular with punters. More 'pubby' than The Joshua Tree, more trad than The Old Chestnut, and serving a wider food and beer choice than The Pendleton, I would say this pub's future is assured.

The only qualm: the service is very efficient, but can be a little brusque, depending on whom one is received by. A bit more of a smile and customer engagement beyond the functional basics would be the icing on the cake!

10 Oct 2018 13:46

The Joshua Tree, Redhill

I suppose the lack of comments on this pub is nowadays less-reflective of the interest in it, or in pubs per se, but more-so in the lack of engagement with this website?! Every dog has its day and it's been clear for a while that BITE's probably had his, but still once in a blue moon I'll bother providing an update, for the few stragglers left who might find it useful, and also as a vital distraction from the rigours of work....

So, the Josh remains a free house. The food continues to be a pleasing straddle between classic pub grub and more bistro-esque dishes, in my experience still well-cooked. Ale-wise, cask choice has perhaps become less adventurous since I last dropped a comment 4.5 years ago; a few too many Greene King-affiliated options for real beer fans, and seldom do I find the full four on. But what remains is still well-cellared on recent visits. The crowd is consistent too; a mix of civilised local folks, young and old, singles and families, drinkers and eaters. Although perhaps not a megahit on each measure, in this vicinity at least it feels like the JT is still managing that restaurant/bar balance about as well as one could given such a small space.

The landlord felt the need to close for lunches in June '17, owing to parking space being needed by Earlswood station commuter overspill (whose dedicated spaces at the station are often used by residents of the excessive number of flats they've allowed to be built adjacent to it). I am very sorry about this, especially as I am one of them, and am a keen supporter of pubs, but there it is - an intractable conundrum I suspect. Happily though it doesn't seem to have dented the business to the extent where there's been any gossip indicating closure, and one has to wonder how much trade this pub would get on an average typical weekday lunchtime.

Keep doing what you're doing folks.

10 Oct 2018 13:39

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