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The Zetland Arms, South Kensington

Framescourer: "Hello - are you showing the cricket?"
Landlady: "That's it, isn't it?" [points at football manager giving press conference]
F: "Er, no, that's the news."
L: [fiddles with the channels until the cricket's showing] "Now, what can I get you?"
F: Cranberry & soda please [... I'm going on to work. Sees Landlady pouring pomegranate juice into glass]. Um... is that cranberry juice?
L: Oh. [Puts the glass aside. Finds a carton of cranberry juice and carries on]. Is that all?
F: Yes, thanks. [hands over a fiver, receives 1.40 change] Mmm, how much was that drink?
L: 3.60.
F: *gawp*

So, there you have it.
Don't care what's on TV, despite what they advertise to get you in the door.
Don't care what's in a drink, as long as it's roughly the right colour.
Conspicuously pricey, even for this part of London.

And all because the Hoop & Toy was shut. South Ken pub FAIL.

21 Aug 2009 18:57

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