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The Victoria and Albert, Marylebone Station

I have used this place fairly regularly having moved to a town served by train from Marylebone. I have always liked the place, had good service, enjoyed a good variety of beers, and as a bonus it is child friendly.

There is a "but" or two, though. The lavatories have always been pretty revolting and if sitting close to the street side then be prepared to share the smoke from the smoking area. As an ex-smoker I don't care, but the other half does. Overall the positives far outweigh the negatives.

However last night I was disappointed to find they have stopped doing the BITE card discount. I was also rather put out to be served short measures even after having had to ask for the first round topped up (in a surly manner) by the barmaid.

10 Jul 2014 14:17

The Three Oaks, Chalfont St Peter

I concur with randyray's assessment. The Rebellion is well kept and this is a friendly place. The staff are throughly charming and it is the kind of place a non pub-loving Mother or Maiden Aunt could be taken. I also use it to take staff out for lunch as the set menu is, for the quality of food and bearing in mind the area, very good value. However bearing in mind the area it is very expensive indeed for a drink.

It is also certainly an eating establishment which serves beer. There is one very small conventional bar seating area, but even the non-restaurant bit to the side of it is for diners.

Despite going in fairly regularly and having built some rapport with the staff I was nonplussed the other evening when we were approached, mid pint, by a waitress who said, "hey you guys, I'm going to need this table in five minutes". I think I would have been less put out if there had been a sign there saying that the table was reserved from a certain hour or even if the approach had been, "I'm terribly sorry but we have a reservation here shortly".

As it happens we were then ushered into the dining room to finish our drinks. The dining room was still fairly empty!

I love to come here for a meal (if it's on expenses) or to sit in the peaceful garden on a summer's evening to wind down after work. Just beware being shifted in favour of more lucrative punters if just sitting with family having a drink.

7 Mar 2014 16:47

The Ethorpe Hotel, Gerrards Cross

Fine, this is not a classic British pub. It is, however what is available.

I go relatively frequently to the Ethorpe, and am generally relatively satisfied. On my last visit they were offering CAMRA discounts (which comehow was offered to the soft drinks on my round as well as the real ale) and had three ales on hand pump. One was one of the usual suspects as mentioned in Gann's post of last June, but two others were delightful hoppy numbers (one session strength, one a bit stronger) I'd never come across before.

Not a pub I'd travel any distance to get to, but for an after-work pint it does the trick. It's not by any stretch of the imagination bad, despite the assorted suits and ladies who lunch types suits giving me evil looks because I dared to sit at a table by myself while waiting for friends to join me!

7 Mar 2014 16:35

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