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GJ's, Earlsfield

My opinion/review of this place refers only to Friday and Saturday nights.

This is a rather small bar although it does have quite a big beer garden out back. Part of the bar seating area gets turned into a dance floor late at night where a DJ plays sort of commercial radio hits and older classic hits.

The place does get very packed, and with only one fairly small bar the service can be a bit slow, but not terrible.

The patrons all tend to be very jovial and there is generally a good 'party' atmosphere/vibe going on. It's not a particularly serious or sophisticated crowd though, so you have to be a bit drunk yourself or be in that frame of mind to enjoy yourself. No need dressing to impress, and thankfully no essex/beckham clones.

The place stays open quite late (1 or 2am I think), but if you get there later than 10:30 you may struggle to get in. For good reason they wont allow you in if you appear obnoxious or in anyway troublesome. That might seem harsh, but once you're in the place you can appreciate it as there is a great atmosphere and cool people. (Personally I've been turned away with mates once before, which sucked, but you accept it and try come back another night with the hope you'll get in).

I wouldn't say the place is an out-and-out 'pick up joint', but there are some very attractive people who are open to chatting and dancing with you...and I've had mates pull on several occasions ;-)

All in all a very good place to party on a Friday and Saturday night - not to pretentious or serious, but also not a sliding down in the gutter meat market place either. A happy medium if you will ;-)

7 May 2006 14:53

The Slug and Lettuce, Fulham

My review refers to this pub on a Thursday, Friday or Saturday night.

This is a pub you should only go to if you're in a very jovial frame of mind with the intention of getting drunk very quickly so that you can be on the same wave-length as everyone else.

Definately avoid if you're sober, high-strung, serious, impatient, sensitive, or looking for a quiet evening.

You should also be comfortable with tight cramped spaces, music so loud you have to shout to be heard, slow service, and a willingness to be hit on by guys and girls all night. And when I say cramped...I mean will be shoulder to shoulder with other patrons.

The type of people at the Slug are usually always good natured...but very drunk, so if you're like that then you'll have an enjoyable night.

The music is cheesy 80's, 90's and naughties classics...all the sing-along ballads (think Alice Coopers 'Poison', or Toto's 'Miss the Rains in Africa') where you hold your pint up in the air, close your eyes, and sing along...

It's a favourite place for young Australians, New Zealanders and South Africans who have just arrived in London on working holiday visas and are just looking to get laid and/or pissed.

I've had one or two very good nights here when I first got to London, but I went back after having not gone for 2 years and found that it didn't have any appeal for me any longer.

Just depends what you're looking for, you'll either love this place, or you'll absolutely hate it.

Hope my review is helpfull and gives you some idea of what to expect ;-)


7 May 2006 14:21

The, Wimbledon

I went to this bar on Friday the 18th of February at around 8:30.

The venue itself is quite nice - very spacious, plenty of seating available, and quite well ventilated. Not to overcrowded which was nice.

I won't ever go back though! The bar service was the worst I have ever experienced in London. Perhaps they were understaffed, but reading other reviews it appears I am not alone in this experience...

I bought 2 rounds during the evening and both times it took me about 30 minutes to get served (no exageration). By the end of the evening when I wanted to buy a last round I simply gave up and left with my friend.

I think I saw 3 bar staff on duty, yet the bar was was packed with customers for about 4 rows back...

Completely unacceptable!

19 Feb 2006 13:39

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