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The Red Lion and Pineapple, Acton

it's 'spoons so never going to set the world on fire. But the beer is consistently very good. I've hardly ever had to take a pint back and if required it's changed without too much fuss. I admire their policy of supporting a wide range of micro-brewers in addition to Greedy King and the other larger ale makers. And 2.05 a pint or 2.20 for 5%+ ABV is pretty darn good in cash-strapped 2012.

The atmosphere is not brilliant, nor is it bad. Never seen any trouble in 10 years. Most people keep themselves to themselves.

18 Jan 2012 14:41

The Rocket, Acton

This is my local and it's pretty good. In general I go to pubs for a pint rather than for food: the Rocket succeeds with both . Rarely have I had a bad pint and when that's happened, it's been changed without fuss. Beer choice is better than average pubco-standard, with Pride, Landlord and Harveys the offerings. Would be nice to see another guest ale from time to time, but maybe Acton punters aren't that fussed.

The jewel in the Rocket's crown is the food. Under previous ownership it was good but a bit pricey. But now the food is still really good and the prices have been cut. It must be one of the best value eateries in the south of England. The service is excellent: really friendly, efficient and definitely scores 10 out of 10.

If there's a down-side to this pub, it's the audio system in the main bar. The speakers are tiny and tinny, the sort you could buy for a tenner a pair. After a while this grates, which is a shame because the variety of music played is varied and interesting.

16 Jan 2010 09:12

The Red Lion and Pineapple, Acton

A wide range of well kept real ales at 1.69 a pint. Who's complaining? OK, so it's Wetherspoons and atmosphere won't ever be in huge supply. And though I see another correspondent plainly disagrees, personally I find their staff really helpful and polite. I've never waited more than 2-3 mins for a pint. Plus you can always get a taster if you ask.

It's Acton so it will never be a great night out. Acton's a bit of a dead zone unless you are Antipodean aged under 35. But what this pub does very well is provide a decent pint. Wished I went in when they had Yellowhammer.

29 Nov 2009 22:56

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