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Irishman, brought up in Essex, home in Ayr, working in the Caribbean. Love football, Rugby Union, GAA and cider. When back in UK flit between Essex and Scotland for boozing.

Username: EssexCelt

Age: 61

Sex: male

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Suburbia, Ayr

Heard it's closing down. That's a pity. Other reviewers got it right. Very classy place. Good food, good wine, nice eye-candy. I've been working abroad and only heard this the other day. Am gutted if it's true because I'd have recommended this place to anybody.

9 Aug 2006 21:09

West Kirk, Ayr

Exactly what you'd expect from a typical Wetherspoon's pub. Fantastic on my last visit because they had a selection of ciders and perry on sale. That'll do me. Gets a bit chilly in the winter because the high ceiling doesn't hold in the heat but, no problem, have a few more and you'll be warm enough. Bar staff can be a bit glum now and again.

9 Aug 2006 21:06

McArthurs, Ayr

Above poster got it just about right. Good during the day as well.

9 Aug 2006 21:03

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