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Username: Donalia

Age: 38

Sex: male

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Uluru, Edinburgh

Good as a starting, ending point for a session on round this part of town however not recommended for a quiet pint or a decent pint for that matter.

Cheap prices here are an advantage but tend to attract the riff raff. Went a few times as a student and never saw any bother but there was always that little edge to the clientele.

Overall not bad, but with so many better pubs within 10 mins walking distance, only recommended if you're really skint/not fussy on what you drink.

28 Jan 2007 15:23

B@1 (Be At One), Covent Garden

Even though I usually stick to the beer, I loved getting involved in the happy hour cocktails in this place, none of which I'm glad to say tasted like diesel like some other so called 'cocktails' I've tried in my time. The range of cockails on offer was good as was the service (you get the feeling these guys actually enjoy putting on the show of making your drinks).

Can imagine this place would get pretty busy come Friday @ 5pm but well worth a visit if you're in the neighbourhood.

28 Jan 2007 15:16

The Maple Leaf, Covent Garden

A solid enough, if unspectacular pub. As per the name there's a Canadian theme going on but to be honest it still looks and feels just like any other British pub and judging by the chat of the boy who started chatting to me on the way up from the jacks, has it's fair share of local barflies as well as lots of Canadians in too see the hockey from the night before.

Unlike other horror reviews, the hockey was on at the right time & we even managed to get seats with a good view of a screen (which I believe wouldn't have happened back in the day). We were drinking Molson Dry which was fine but I've got the feeling it was just some random British brew with a Molson sticker on the tap. I had the poutine which was decent enough but just didn't taste the same with British style gravy on it!

28 Jan 2007 15:08

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