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Username: David_Watts

Age: 45

Sex: ?

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The Moon Under Water, Watford

This place is awful. Ever since it's opened it's stunk of piss.
It attracts vermin, both old men in shell suits who sit by the door in the daytimes and other verminous job dodging baldheaded irish types (you know who you are).
Getting served is a nightmare and it's generally bloody terrible. I'd rather pay an extra few pence for a beer and leave the peg at home.

14 Sep 2005 16:08

O'Neills, Watford

Kevin Rowlands has made a fortune out of this place alone for the amount of times they play 'Come on Eileen'.
Over priced beer. Too many scumbags in here on a weekend and for some reason it's always a magnet for pissed people who like a punch up.

14 Sep 2005 15:59

The Horns, Watford

If the landlord says he doesn't make any money then i don't have a weight problem and don't spend half my time on the internet slagging off pubs.
He still owes me two chas and dave tickets as well.

14 Sep 2005 15:55

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