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Username: Bullfrog

Age: 55

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The Green Man, Hatton

I have been visiting this pub for a few years now, I cannot see nor understand the gripes about glasses.

Accidents happen and glasses get smashed. If you had children, would you be happy trying to get them to casualty when they fall over & cut themselves open? Especially if you have been out there relaxing & drinking? I think not!

I cannot vouch for the smell in the Gents loos, being female, but doesn't the wretched roadworks outside give you a clue that something is amis??

Have none of you noticed they are digging up the sewers out the front??? They have been for many weeks! I have sat out in the garden recently, the smell is wretched! If that is coming from the Gents, then the building needs to be demolished!

I for one have not had problems with the staff, Who appear to be approachable and freindly. Jules, IMHO is one of the best publican's about. She always has a smile, even though she has been working her socks off all day & night.

They also serve a Wikkid chocolate fudge thingy cake! NOT to be confused with the puddle pudding! If you feel The Green Man is a bad pub, then I would gladly have it moved nearer to me as it takes me 2 buses to get there! Why bother if it was as bad as people here are saying?! And I have 8 Pubs in staggering distance to choose from in my own home town!

27 Jun 2005 20:49

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