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The Jolly Farmer, Weybridge

The person who called the landlord a "snappy dresser" was obviously under the
influence of the excellent Old Thumper, 49er or both.
The beer in this pub is about as good as it gets & now that Dick (by nature not name) has gone hopefully we will get to see more of the Jolly barmaids who make this such a fine pub. Richard the new landlord is very pleasant even if he has the legs of a fledgling sparrow, and his partner Jayne is very friendly.
The locals are excellent company apart from John the leg, who is a grumpy old gitt! and don't be supprised to witness heated debates over obscure subjects such as "why can't you buy turkey eggs?" and "who is the current hangman?"
Improvements? bring back Joe & Nichola on Friday nights and lower the price of the beer. All in all a good place to dwell and yes small as well as large children are now welcome.

27 Mar 2009 18:06

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