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Username: Brijb20

Age: 62

Sex: ?

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The Lord of the Manor, New Crofton

I really like this pub. When I lived in Crofton it was our local and miles above other pubs in the village. Good cheap beer, comfortable surroundings. Excellent.
Not only the home of Sir Titus Salte but also of my good friend Carl Fisher who lived here as a boy when it was a farmhouse.

1 Apr 2008 13:45

The Crystal Palace, York

This was one of my favourite pubs when I lived in York up to a year ago. Friendly Landlord, excellent beer and food. I know that Mick left around June just after me and I haven't been since. I hope the new landlord has kept it up.

1 Apr 2008 13:37

The White House, Featherstone

I notice someone has commented that this pub isn't child friendly. Too right, and all the better for that. A typical Sam's house with wonderful beer at real prices. It's definately a locals pub but in Featherstone what can you expect?

1 Apr 2008 13:32

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