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Username: Benyaminos

Age: 50

Sex: ?

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The Griffin, Brentford

On entering the establishment I was greeted by the gentleman behind the bar with a call of "ALWIGHT MATE, WHAT YOU HAVING?"
I asked for a white wine spritzer although it seemed that all the white wine was out of stock, that is if you do not like overly dry types (which I do not!!!). Instead I had a pint of lager, the glass it came in was stained and not nearly as clean as one would have hoped for. I made comment of this to the bar-man who glared at me intimidatingly, I chose not to pursue it and sat down by the entrance to the toilet.
This was a bad decision as there was a distinct aroma of urine filling the air every time the toilet door was swung open. This was happening very frequently as lots of the men were nipping in and out of the loo with alarming regularity.
On top of the urine smell a distinct woft of cannabis passed by, possibly from outside the front of the or maybe the rear garden (I could not tell).
The locals inside are friendly enough although there is proliferate use of the 'c' and 'f' words so maybe best not to take your children with you.

I doubt very much I will be returning to this pub and would urge others to stay clear too! The sort of patron that frequents this place is not of a civil nature and the air of criminality hangs high within the Griffin walls.

22 Sep 2011 12:33

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