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George and Dragon, Tudeley

Thank you.

12 Jan 2017 23:02

George and Dragon, Tudeley

On the 29th December 2016 you wrote in a comment here that you hold a level 5 scores on the doors, "We have passed on all fronts with 5 scores on the doors and 20/20 for the cellar", and so it is rediculous to claim that you have never made such a claim. Moreso because you are currently proudly displaying a five star rating on your Facebook page as well!
Hygiene ratings are published for a reason. Those with small children or the elderly and those with food allergies, anyone with particular vulnerability, would what to know before choosing where they eat that they are in safe hands. Dishonesty on such a matter puts their well being at risk and is therefore scandalous.

With regard to legal advice, I am a lawyer so I can provide the information you require. Thus far there has been no occurence whereby any lawful or civil transgression has occured. There has also, certainly on my part, been no abuse of the forum guidelines within our discussion.
May I respectfully ask that you remove the erroneous 5 star rating from your Facebook page for the sake of public safety and refrain from advertising such in future until such time as you may actually merit it?

11 Jan 2017 07:47

George and Dragon, Tudeley

With great respect, I have not made any personal attacks on anybody. I have made observations and given my opinion on the pub and it's offering as it appeared to me when I visited which is perfectly acceptable.
I have also replied to your further comment in order to rectify some misleading statements made by yourself, the 5 star hygiene rating for example which is really a 1 star rating, and to querie about Tripadvisor.
Interestingly, within your response to my querie regarding the King and Queen in Edenbridge you appear to admit that you do have a connection. Therefore I can only assume you have been posting fake reviews of your own businesses on Tripadvisor. Worse, there are bad reviews for competing businesses in Edenbridge. Out of 11 reviews only two concern pubs with no obvious connection.
I have at no point outrightly said you are a liar but the posts you yourself have provided here speak for themselves and there do seem to be issues with them. You claimed to have a 5 star hygiene rating, which you do not and you admit to being in possession of celler certificates for the King and Queen in Edenbridge which raises the question of the validity of a number of Tripadvisor reviews. Whist you claim to have celler certificates for the George and Dragon you omit to name the awarding body, even when given the opportunity to do so.

9 Jan 2017 10:04

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