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The Village Inn, Caterham

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! FINALLY this craphole has closed!!!!! seriously though what the hell took the council so damn long??? everyone I know around Caterham knows what a reputed s**thole it was, the clientele was nothing but chavs and scummy 17 year old's thinking they were badass.

To all the scummy people that used to go there: I feel sorry for whatever place you all go to next!

5 Oct 2012 01:23

All Bar One, Croydon

I cant stand this place!! went for a friends 25th birthday at his request. Its full of prettyboy executives in their business suits walking around thinking they are Donald Trump. Wayyy overpriced drinks. Rude bar staff. This is simply one of the few places in Croydon people go to to "be seen" so consequently the clientele and staff including the door staff are typically snobby.

The food was fairly decent to be honest and drinks were not bad but either but still overpriced.

Avoid! unless your one of these socialites who hangs around these types of "trendy" places then you'll love it.

18 Sep 2012 23:35

The Cotton Tree, Droylsden

Scumhole. Most decent people I know around Droylsden would rather slash their wrists than go drinking here. I also heard about the shooting there on the news of one of the regulars who was at this dump and judging by the sort of people who went there it would not surprise me that the guy had it coming one way or another.

Avoid unless your a dope head or general lowlife then you'll love it.

27 May 2012 23:38

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