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Username: Annette1979

Age: 42

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The Pied Bull, Streatham

We live very near to this pub and used to go in quite often, I don't think we'll be going there for a while after our recent visit.
We went in on a Friday to the newer area of the pub, normally really like it in there, good atmosphere, pretty poor service but the atmosphere makes up for it.
They had this guy in there on the microphone constantly going 'one two' 'one two' for about 30 minutes, the area was busy when we arrived but then this guy started playing really awful cheesy music. Which was on while the other music was playing at the bar, really it was awful cheese like charlies angels. Something which would work in a bad cheese club, not the pied bull!! Obviously everyone started leaving and squashing into the other side of the bar.
Then this guy started singing, honestly it was awful, sounded like some old cabaret host who can't sing. Everyone left and he sung to no one. We were watching him from the other half of the bar while he continued for another hour until we left to sing to no one. Honestly, even the bar staff left the room.
What an awful idea, we just didn't get it, do they pay this man to empty the pub!! We spoke with some other locals who said that this happens every Friday and the guys so awful he clears the pub.
You'd think they'd stop the awful noise when everyone left, but no they let him carry on.
We had to leave and scout around for a new local we found on our iphones, luckily found a really nice pub just round the corner we'd never been in before and count this as our new local.

14 Mar 2011 10:14

The Railway, Streatham

We've always liked 'The Railway' after living within a 20 minute walk from the pub for the last two years. Food has been a little on the pricey side but worth it and really nice. Staff have always been pretty miserable but you put up with it because the atmosphere is quite nice.
Unfortunately after our recent visit yesterday I don't think we'll be going again. The service was worse than usual, no smiles, very miserable. Charged me 7.90 for my first round and then 8.95 for my second one which was exactly the same. Mentioned this and the rude barman said that this was because the person before had only charged me 1.00 for dash of soda water and it should be 2.00!! Can you believe it, 2.00 for soda water!! Every other pub offers it for free. Barman didn't apologise, just walked off miserable.
We thought, after this about going somewhere else for food but we'd gone there specifically for they're normally really good roasts and we didn't want to miss out.
Ordered three beef roasts. It was awful, completely different to anything we'd had before, the meat was full of fat and cheap cuts. It was on a bed of burnt, small roast potatoes just dumped on the top, yorkshire was tasteless. We even asked the miserable barman if the chef had changed, he just said no and walked off!!
This pub used to be pretty good. AWFUL STAFF, AWFUL FOOD, EXPENSIVE, STAY AWAY!!

14 Mar 2011 09:54

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