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The Victoria, Tottenham

I found this treasure of a pub in a small alcove off Tottenham High Road.
I was amazed of the cultural dualism of this little gem in Scotland Green.

The outside bar had the windows broken and was solely populated by people of an Afro Carribean nature The general consensus of the abundant revellers was complimentary to Irish bar staff who gave them a heartfelt welcome after their own 'watering hole " THE SWAN" had closed down.

The inside bar the "Traveller's Friend" was thronged by the young and old from the local travelling community.

I was told it was a Gypsy Wedding which is a frequent occurence in this lively bar. The King of the Gypsies.... John Frain..... paid tribte to the singer..DI O 'REA... barstaff and the man who will be fixing the windows.

I enjoyed immensely this bizarre and unique experience and plan to return when the windows have been replaced.

25 Feb 2010 03:57

The Whittington Stone, Highgate

I have been a customer of this pub for many years...but during the last six months I have found it disappointing. It is supposed to be a 'food pub' but this is no longer the case. The customer is fobbed off with lame excuses for the non-existent service.
The chef has not arrived or the chef is late today and we can serve you 2 hours later.
Today (24-02-2010) for example myself and three other friends were forced to leave as the only item on the menu was curry.
We departed as we were not in a curry mode. Again we were told the chef was ill.
The juke box is inaudible and certain CD's cost more than others.
Damn cheek if one is asked to pay exorbitant prices for music nobody can hear!

25 Feb 2010 02:25

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