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The Jolly Farmer, Weybridge

I have just read with interest that the person "tradervic" has stated that my comments have been "reported" to b.i.t.e. along with another reviewers.
On what grounds may I ask?
Isn't the whole idea of this site to write honest reviews about pubs for others to see?
Yes, I am new to this site and yes, In my opinion I experienced poor service on the occasions I visited this particular pub. As yet I have not reviewed any others, but what's your point with this?
I have not been at all slanderous about this establishment. I was annoyed by the quality of service I and felt I needed to put it into words.
If you were to receive poor, or good service for that matter in a pub or restaurant and you found a useful way to voice your opinions, wouldn't you do what I'm doing now?
To reiterate my opinions from my own experiences :
A) The food at the time we visited was cheap and of poor quality
B) The cook was rude and offhand which was entirely unnecessary, given that we were not in any hurry for our food and were completely patient and pleasant with him.
Shouldn't it work both ways...?
C) There were many clientele there later on on the evening we visited who we found to be undignified and obnoxious, making the feel of the place uncomfortable and unwelcoming.
D) The live music WAS awful
E) One comment I read called me a he and I'm a she! or is this site only for real ale drinking blokey blokes...
If you simply don't like my review and wish to report it, then please go ahead. It makes no odds to me and I make no apology for it.
It just makes the whole idea of this website completely pointless.

19 Aug 2012 22:58

The Jolly Farmer, Weybridge

There are one or two good pubs left in Weybridge. Sadly though, "good" is certainly not a word I would use to describe the Jolly Farmer. On a Friday lunchtime it is -only just about- bearable as a place to go for a -very- quick drink, just so long as you don't order any food...
Scampi and Chips clearly comes straight from a frozen packet and is plonked in front of you by an unhappy and rather rude overweight man passing himself off as a Chef. "You'll have to get your own cutlery!!!" Charming.
If you're unfortunate enough to venture in there on a Saturday night though as I was with a friend recently, the whole atmosphere takes on a turn for the worse and goes downhill rapidly. It became seedy and unwelcoming. A small core of obnoxious, undignified customers, presumably all regulars, soon replaced the slightly more "normal" customers. A mindless rabble.
The incredibly poor and amateurish quality of the live music did little to lift our spirits and we felt so uneasy with the whole experience, we left. A night out wasted. Utterly depressing.

11 Aug 2012 09:43

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